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I always go with the best, and for me and my guys that means Husqvarna

For 34-year-old family man and part-time fireman Marc-André Normans in Montréal it all began with hockey. To be able to afford hockey equipment he started working at the age of 13, first cutting grass and trimming trees – which turned into a career in concrete cutting.

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Wherever there's a big job, we're there

Today he runs MAPA, a seasonal construction business that employs 13 people and who – during the period between April and December – are involved in the majority of the construction works in Montréal and the neighbouring areas.

“We started small, but now we're one of the biggest companies in our line of business. Wherever there's a big job, we're there. Basically, we're focused on installing paving stones and tiles. It's hard but rewarding work and we often work long hours, 70 hours a week.”

Presently Marc-André and his team are busy wrapping up the 2017 season at the building site of a luxury condominium in Laval, a Montréal suburb.

“We're well-equipped and well organized to deal with these kinds of jobs. My guys have been doing this for a long time and they all depend on having the best equipment for the job at hand.”

And that equipment, when it comes to achieving the perfect cut, for the last five years, has been the Husqvarna K760.

“No doubt, I always go with the best. I have some 14 K760s and my guys wouldn't change to anything else. Actually, last week I had all my cutters in for service when a quick job came up. So, I had to rent some other equipment from the dealer and at the end of the day I asked my guys what they thought, and they weren't at all happy.”

“We all depend on having the best equipment for the job”

The most important benefits for Marc-André and his team is the weight and the optimized balance that the K760 supplies.

“The fact that it doesn't shake and provides powerful cuts is crucial when we have to cut angles. But also, the fact that the maintenance is easy and that you can perform it yourself on site. It doesn't hurt that it starts easily as well.”

The team's love for their Husqvarna power cutters seems hard to mess with. But when confronted with the K 770, Marc-André might have to re-think his inventory for next season.

“Now that I've tried it I know that it has the same powerful cut, the same weight and balance. But it also has quite a few new benefits like the belt tensioner. The power and the handling … what can I say? I love it.”

Highlights of the new K 770

K 770
A More Heavy-Duty Cutting Arm

The new-designed cast magnesium crankcase has a three-bolt joint to attach the cutting head, enabling higher torsional rigidity than the ­previous two-bolt solution.

Digital Ignition With Optimized Timing

The digital ignition module is updated to provide a powerful spark with optimized timing, enabling easy start —and efficient combustion.

A Smarter Way To Keep The Drive Belt Tensioned

This spring-loaded, semi-auto-matic system makes it easy to ensure that the drive belt is always kept in the correct tension, thereby ensuring optimal power transmission as well as minimal wear and maximum life of the belt.

A Cooler Transmission

The clutch cooling fan lowers the operating temperature inside the belt cover, extending the service life for the transmission components, —including the drive belt.