Watch Joe Bartucci
tell his story

Working in New York City is fun, because it's always something new

Meet 31-year old Joe Bartucci, a concrete cutter working for JP Hogan in the Tri-State area, telling us about his experience as a concrete cutter and his opinion on the new Husqvarna K 770.

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My uncle Jimmy got me into concrete cutting

“I started cutting concrete eleven years ago, working for my uncle Jimmy. Working in New York City is fun because it's always something new and interesting. You don't know what you're going into, it could be an old building or a new one, you can work in a building from 1890 one day and a new one the next day. That makes it interesting to be a concrete cutter here.”

“I have a big family working in the concrete cutting business, about 12-13 brothers and cousins. At the end of the week or month we compete about who's been cutting the most, how fast we cut. It's in our blood I guess. I don't want to tell them, but this saw gives me a competitive edge. I appreciate it.”

“The K 770 is even smoother, it's faster, it's just all around more comfortable”

“I use the K 760 a lot. It stays in the truck at all times, it's on my left pocket everywhere I go. You can do a lot with it. One-two pulls at the max, it starts right away.

Compared to other power cutters that I've used, in size-to power-ratio it's unbeatable. It's easier on your back, easier to handle, easier to maneuver. Now that I've tried the K 770, it's even smoother, it's faster, it's just all around more comfortable.

The belt tensioner makes everything so much easier. It's a cool feature, you just loosen the nuts, shake it, re-tighten and then it's good to go.”

  • Loosen the nuts
  • Shake it
  • Re-tighten the nuts
  • Good to go

What's the story behind?

“The SmartTension feature was first introduced on the newest generation of our 94cc power cutter, Husqvarna K 970, in 2017. This spring-loaded, semi-automatic system is designed to help the operator keeping the drive belt in optimal tension for minimal wear and maximum life of the belt. SmartTension became an immediate success on the K 970 so we decided to introduce it on the new K 770 as well.”

Mattias Holmdahl — Global product manager for Husqvarna power cutters.

The features of a true icon


This spring-loaded, semi-automatic system makes it easy to ensure that the drive belt is always kept in the correct tension, thereby ensuring optimal power transmission as well as minimal wear and maximum life of the belt.

X-Torq® Engine Technology

X-Torq® reduces fuel consumption and harmful emissions by using fresh air instead of air/fuel mix to evacuate the exhausts. By making efficient use of the fuel it also delivers a massive bottom-end torque across a wide RPM range.

Lowvib Anti-Vibration System

Thanks to Husqvarna's class-leading LowVib® system, vibrations in the handles are kept to a minimum, thus helping prevent occupational injuries such as Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) and vibration White Finger (VWF).

Active Air Filtration™

The centrifugal force created by the rotating cooling fan separates 93 % of the airborne dust particles and dirt from the intake air, thereby enabling longer service intervals for the air filter.

Integrated Wet Cutting System

The low-pressure wet cutting system provides sufficient water supply to efficiently bind dust without creating an excess of slurry. The water valve opens progressively, making it very easy to adjust the water flow to perfectly suit the application.

Reversible Cutting Head

The diamond blade's position can be switched to the right side of the cutting arm, thereby allowing cutting close to a wall or at ground level, restricted only by the thickness of the blade guard.